At N.A. Buffen, we have always been in the business of exceeding our customers' expectations by offering our customers the best quality wholesale merchandise at a competitive price. And, as always, we partner it all with exemplary service.

Our goal is to level the playing field against major food chains, allowing small-to-medium sized super market chains, independently owned supermarkets and convenience stores to be extremely competitive in today's market place. One key way we are able to save our customer's money is by seeking out special buying opportunities and only purchasing merchandise at a great price.

Matching the great pricing offered by N.A. Buffen's approach to purchasing great buys with our special programs, our customers are able to retail their products more competitively against every aspect of their competition.

Deal Sheets

N.A. Buffen offers monthly deal sheets and surveys to our customers on an ongoing basis. Please call our tele-sales department or email us for more information regarding the N.A. Buffen Deal Sheet program.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the most common form of communication N.A. Buffen customers use to place their orders. We also accept orders via fax (314) 567-4203 or by phone/telesales at 1 800-878-8622.

Buy-by-the-Pallet Program

The N.A. Buffen "Buy-by-the-Pallet Program" allows our customers to take advantage of additional discounts when they choose to purchase larger quantities of products by the pallet.

Tele-sales Department

Our tele-sales department is knowledgable on all current and ongoing deals being offered and keeps our customers and future-customers informed at all times. It keeps many of our customers on a monthly call schedule and is available to answer any questions regarding current deals available.

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